Subconscious Mind | Why Your Child’s Brain is like a Sponge

Why Your Child’s Brain is like a Sponge

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The conscious and subconscious mind. I was thinking today about why we do the things we want to stop or change. You read a motivational quote, watch a motivational video and temporarily you feel good but go back to the same actions and feelings.

“From birth to (approximately) age six, (It’s actually age seven)your child’s brain works in a very different way than an adult does. At this age, their mind is like a sponge, soaking up huge amounts of information from her environment. She is absorbing everything around her, effortlessly, continuously, and indiscriminately”

“The development that is taking place during your child’s first six years is enormously important. Children develop 85% of their core brain structure by the time they are five years old. Your child will now build on this core foundation for the rest of her life.”

Really think about what you’re telling, teaching, or the environment your kids are in. Think about the programming you’ve had since birth. How can you actually improve and make a change if you aren’t reprograming your subconscious mind?




Why You want to change and improve but haven’t. You can reprogram your subconscious mind.

“Only 5% of the day are we operating our nervous system using the conscious minds creative wishes and desires”

“95% of the day our life is coming straight out of the programs from our subconscious mind” “The conscious mind is creative, the subconscious is a programmed/habit mind”

You go on a first date, everything is amazing, everything seems perfect. During this date, you’re consciously controlling every action. You didn’t let the automatic program play. As time goes on, and your normal programming comes into play, the subconscious mind. Wonder what happened when we first met? How was everything perfect and how did things change? The conscious mind learning something doesn’t mean the subconscious did. How can we reprogram?

  • 1. Hypnosis/Meditation
  • 2. Repetition, practice, habituation
  • 3. I don’t know you tell me, how can we change the programming?

Years ago I would meditate, it brought peace but I had no idea the amount of control the subconscious mind has. Why I would make some positive change but rollback to some of the negative ones.

It’s time to get back to some meditation, and repetition. What are some of the things you do to alter your programming?


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