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Characteristics of a Sociopath & Psychopath

Sociopath behaviors and traits.

Psychopath signs and behaviors.
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My personal encounter started almost a year ago with an email. Ironically requesting to use portions of my Maleah Davis video. The email came from a wolf in sheep’s clothing, LeakYou.

LEAKYOU vs ICKEDMEL: The BreakDown: Part 1 (For Part 2 & 3 Scroll to Bottom)

LeakYou Lies and Manipulation

A documentary put together by  Youtube Crystal Nicole. Which displays people harassed. In addition,  LeakYous intimidation tactics. In the past LeakYou attempted to smear iCkedMeL. She took a comment meant for Crystal as if I called her “preppy white girl” <- ridiculous this is even a thing. (For a mentally unfit person the smallest can be) This liar and manipulator ran to social media calling me Colorist. I was surprised and taken back. Not realizing the type of person Leakyou is. Constant posts, tagging my account numerous times from 2 Instagram accounts. It seems she was having a manic episode. It was the first signs of depravity displayed from this individual. Someone willing to do anything. In other words, crab in a barrel mentality.

LeakYou’s behavior resembles some, if not all these behavioral characteristics. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) classifies APD by a range of personality and behavioral traits that describe how a person functions, how he or she relates to others, and how those beliefs express themselves by actions.

Behavioral characteristics complete the clinical diagnosis by describing the route a person will take to either control, coerce, or deceive, such as:
  • The emotional manipulation of others—for example, pretending to be interested in someone simply to achieve a goal
  • Lying as a means to gain social entry or advantage, such as proclaiming yourself a decorated war hero when you have never served
  • Reacting with callousness, aggression, remorselessness, or even sadism when confronted by the fallout of your actions
  • Persistent anger or irritability, even over small things, as well as mean, spiteful behavior
  • A strong tendency to disregard commitments, promises, and agreements, including financial ones
  • Making decisions on the spur of the moment with little regard to consequence if an immediate goal is to be achieved
  • Difficulty in making plans, preferring to believe you’re able to nimbly navigate problems as they appear
  • Risk taking, becoming easily bored, and an ability to ignore personal boundaries and justify even the most outrageous of actions
Lurkers Pretending

People behind the scenes suspect that the n word caller was planned by these 2 individuals.

Thing is these 2 individuals never liked me, going as far back as my Maleah Davis coverage. These people before I even knew who they were, spent their time watching and despising me.

How weird is that?

Text message describing that these people have always disliked ickedmel and would talk badly.


LeakYou Kids As Backup

Conversation with people behind the scenes, I can’t display to protect identity. Not only has LeakYou attempted and failed again, but she uses fear and manipulation to silence YouTubers, Subscribers, and previous mods. People have told me they were afraid for their kids safety. One of LeakYou’s strategies is to become friends, extract information for future use and extortion. She also uses multiple accounts, and when I say multiple I mean a bunch. I censored the child’s gender.

What kind of a person has people look up information on someones child? A sick person with no bottom, because they’re already at the lowest point.

LeakYou sharing a child's picture and asking others to find more information,

Manipulation Of The System To Silence

LeakYou uses the YouTube copyright system to silence other creators from giving context about the harassment and lies she does. LeakYou has used the Copyright system in manipulative ways to censor content that does fall under fair use.

YouTube content creators familiarize yourself with Copyright and false claims. Learn how to fight back. Appeal the false claims if you indeed used content under fair use. Manipulation of Copyright tools to harasses other YouTubers and silence is against policy.

There’s Other People LeakYou has Targeted

Here’s another person that contacted me, stating there’s been 10 people that have been harassed, manipulated, and attacked by LeakYou.

Commits The Very Same Acts They Condemn

An idea of the depth and manipulation she does. She altered this video, audio, zoomed in and out, and used my content not following fair use but with the intent to manipulate YouTubes copyright system. I claimed the video, even with all the manipulation attempted. Leakyou also added pictures of dead slaves hanging from trees. It was to give the impression when the caller came, that I was looking at slaves. (they people most likely had this person call in) to drop the N word.

LeakYou should not be on the internet, and social media. Warning for anyone encountering LeakYou, that she is a danger. This is documentation of slander, is not only for me but others. LeakYou is a prime example and cautionary tale of the evil people lurking on the internet.

YouTube creators needing help with copyright, feel free to contact me.

Conclusion on LeakYou

A lost helpless soul. Someone teetering on the fringes of society, watching others, studying, and plotting. When you’re as empty as this person, all you have left is throwing a tantrum in hopes of getting attention.

An ungrateful type of person, that’s never content and looking at what others have. The only glimpse of joy is attempting to take what you so desperately seek from others.

Private conversation about LeakYou being unstable.


Leakyou.com: When attention seeking goes wrong Pt. 3

Recent updates by Camille’s Corner. Another YouTuber by the name of LadySnoop that has been affected by LeakYou. It’s pretty concerning the lengths this person is willing to go.

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