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An unfiltered place to post my updates, thoughts, and upcoming projects. iCkEdMeL’s Blog should be useful at least in a personal sense. I work best when goals are clearly written down, but also have a way to reflect back. Many years ago, I used to do a lot of writing, they can be found on my facebook.  The writings weren’t just an outlet, but also inspired my creativity. A huge goal of mine is how to make YouTube sustainable, how can I achieve having my dream job. YouTube is highly unreliable, I need to diversify myself but not exactly sure how. With the niche I’ve chosen, it’s going to be a particularly bumpy road. The sensitive algorithm, with the ever-growing climate and paranoia of YouTube, covering controversial topics involving children is a doozy. Then to face the criticism of profiting off of suffering, though nobody seems to have a problem with news media outlets.


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I actually get a lot of request via email, Facebook, and YouTube. Having a neat place where people can post and submit their stories and include detailed information. Also, you can be completely unfiltered here. Hopefully, the iCkEdMeL’s Blog will encourage some guest blog posts for submission.


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iCkEdMeL’s Blog – By far the most important contribution anyone could make is by subscribing to youtube with notifications on. A majority of the videos are being censored and demonetized. This hits the channel hard and makes it difficult for YouTube to be fulltime.


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