Child ‘Falls’ From Balcony Hollywood FL

Quadomain Condomium apartments where the child fell

Police and ambulance called to Quadomain Condomium. Consequently, officials arrived to a deceased child. According to Local 10 news “One neighbor described a chaotic scene, telling Local 10 when it happened, frantic residents from overhead balconies were waving and screaming”

Story is developing furthermore, age of child hasn’t been released.

Quadomain Condominium construction pictures

Quadomain Condominium Construction
January 2018
Quadomain Condominium Construction
February 2019
Quadomain Condominium Construction
April 2019

Park Ritchie Apartments

Park Ritchie Apartments
two-year-old boy is now in intensive care, after a scary fall from a Takoma Park apartment building.


Similarly a 2 year old toddler fell from an 11th-floor window, September 9th 2019. Miraculously child survived, but was in intensive care. According to WJLA’s “He fell straight down into the mulch area. There are some much and bushes there. He was responsive and alert when I got here, and when the fire department took him to Children’s Hospital,” said Captain Daniel Frishkorn.

How does a toddler fall from a window or balcony? Clearly the children aren’t being supervised.

Dad Throws Child Off Balcony After A Fight With His Mom


November 2019 according to JumbleJoy father and grandmother got into an argument.

“He lost his temper and instead of just walking away and deal with his anger privately, he lashed on the boy, picked him up and threw him out of the window. The child fell about 60 feet from the fifth floor of the building and died on the spot”

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