The obscurity of what’s happening to children in our society.

Child ‘Falls’ From Balcony Hollywood FL

Police and ambulance called to Quadomain Condomium. Consequently, officials arrived to a deceased child. According to Local 10 news “One neighbor described a chaotic scene,…

Subconscious Mind | Why Your Child’s Brain is like a Sponge

Why Your Child’s Brain is like a Sponge The conscious and subconscious mind. I was thinking today about why we do the things we want…


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Maleah Davis Case

Maleah Davis was in the care of her mother’s boyfriend. Derion Vence was captured on surveillance video with Meleah. Consequently, April 30 was the last time Maleah Davis was seen on Camera.
After weeks of agonizing twists and turns. As a result, Human remains found in Arkansas were confirmed to be those of the 4-year-old. Consequently, details surrounding  her last few days remain a mystery.

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Botham Jean Story

September 6, 2018, off-duty Police patrol officer Amber Guyger entered the apartment of Botham Jean. She fatally shot him. Guyger said that she had entered the apartment believing it was her own. As a result she shot Jean believing he was a burglar. The fact that a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black man resulted in protests and accusations of racial bias.

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